Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good Things Come In Time - My Mac is Back

Here I am seen packing up my MacBookPro to send back to Apple after what was (IMHO) a simple fix, broke my Mac. Well, Mac is back from the shop after being gone three weeks. But, you've got to Love Apple!!

See next post for the amazing story of how a bad apple netted me a new machine and before that, an upgrade free as appeasement.

In the meantime, check out this slideshow and song from 1980. This demo was recorded using my 512 Mac. Enjoy HERO OF THE POPULAR SONG:

BTW, No, I am not kissing Moshe! LOL


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Anniversary of Dad's Death: my "shaman" pose

I began the beard after being stranded on the top of Haleakala:

The photo is a prayer for healing for my friend who just informed me he
might have testicular cancer. Appropriately entitled "From Rocks to
DNA; Dancing on the Edge of Time With Low Hung Balls. May they live
long and prosper!" This image created on the anniversary of my fathers
death is part of a larger body of work describing Humanity's
inextricable bond with nature.

This photographic self portrait was taken on one year anniversary of my
father's passing, Aug 14, 2007. I dedicate it to his memory:

My series signifies how our bodies come and go, yet our Spirit remains
with the Aina - as a nurturing force nurturing nature long after we
"change our address." I was given a great gift in being present to
witness, for the first time, the death of another person: my dad. I
shared his last 4 hours on the planet. In the last minute his eyes
opened and beheld mine, wordlessly, solidly for 60 seconds of
unblinking witnessing his last light in the eyes of his progeny,
passing on his potential. I remain graced by this light (and that of my
mother and those who've loved me) in this living dream. May healing Be
for all beings.