Friday, August 08, 2008

SRO @ South Maui Sustainability Meeting Last Night

One person can't stand to hear it, another is getting a pain in the
neck. Still, they filled the meeting room with overflowing interest.

The South Maui community came out in force last night at the Kalama
Heights Retirement Home to watch presentations and listen to featured
speakers in support of South Maui Sustainability. Presenters included
Brad Albert of the Hawaii PV Coalition, William Bennett on Renewable
Energy and George Mateljan, Author of The World's Healthiest Foods.
Rob Parsons delivered opening remarks and a Pule was offered by Daniel

South Maui Sustainability is a grass roots citizens group formed to
discuss the issues affecting and facing South Maui. At stake is the
solvency of our lifestyle and preservation of the Aina. Discussion
ranged from city planning, resource management and growth management,
to sanitation, alternative energy (there was at least one electric
vehicle in the parking lot) and of course what to about the soaring
price of oil.

Our very lives and livelihoods are at stake. Some people know it and
are willing to do something about it. You will be able to watch the
presentation online via their website, , Email: or come to the meetings held regularly
for more information.

People everywhere realize that depending on Government intervention is
not going to yield responsive and timely solutions to the now obvious
challenges which might have been mitigated if our so-called
representatives could read the minds of most people (and avoid the sway
of those with deep pockets). Sadly most people, especially Hawaiians
were not part of the crowd in attendance, the 99% haole audience were
there to get involved. Perhaps those whose Aina this is are too busy
fighting for their lives and lifestyles to come to a meeting?

Be that as it may, citizens every where are gathering in local
communities to discuss how to cooperate and collaborate, to better meet
the challenges ahead. Maui is blessed with a handful of hard workers
who are taking the initiative to do something -- perhaps better and
quicker than our representatives can get things done? These are
emergent times when Government bureaucracy has to slog through
processes before taking any action.

The great turn out last night is just the beginning. We are at the
front lines of a citizens revolution brewing in the ranks. "We're fed
up with the lack of foresight by our 'leaders'!" offered one of those
in attendance. "Together we're going to make a difference and do what
has to be done -- for the good of us all!"

Story and Photograph by
Peter H. Rosen - V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media