Saturday, June 14, 2008

V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artist Jim Mitchell Speaks of the Creative

I enjoyed meeting this guy a lot for several reasons. Jim Mitchell speaks my language. He started on an Amiga Computer. I created my first music video using an Amiga Computer in a forty hour marathon at the studio of David Lionel. Frank Fairweather brought in his Amiga and I created the illustrations and color cycle animation that was dumped fame by frame onto video tape. I haven't seen that recording since we did it back in 1986 or so in Venice California. In fact Jim lived right down the block from me on Westminster (I was on Brooks). He has a Mac just like mine. He needed to get away from LA for a bit. I can relate after 15 years there. He enjoys a creative spirituality (was my take on it) in which he finds great peace, i.e his drawing meditations. I think he would say that he misses nature -- although as much as he wanted to be in the water to relax and because he loves it, he hasn't seized the moment after 3 days of nonstop movement fueled by dissatisfaction which is what drives most of us to be and do better. The hotel he booked didn't offer the peace and tranquility he sought. Luckily he got connected to Stephanie F in Haiku who came to his rescue. Speaking of which, my Rescue from Haleakala website is almost finished. Look for the link soon in these pages.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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WHAT'S INTERESTING TO NOTE IN THIS POST IS THE VERY CLEAR STATEMENT OF NEED THAT GETS EXPRESSED. I find that sometimes, when poking around the Net, I can better voice an idea that at other times. So when I hit children of the sun, maybe it was all the great art that made me say these things (click on post title).