Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back on Maui, What a Trip

Awesome end to an adventure of love, angst, blessings, curses, disappointments, disagreements, compassion, adventure, celebration, revelations, evolutionary wisdom, deepening relations, kindred spirits, long time friendships, excessive documentation, two camera's dying, something lost and something gained. In other words, the last four weeks (almost) seemed like
two months of experience. Action packed from the front, I found very early on that to try and live life, document it, post it and let people know about my adventures in realtime was impossible.

That's why in the coming days, I will be posting a video, slide show and birthday voyage blog to try and transfer my journal entries into the more public forum. Hopefully what I post will be filled with wisdom and stories you can relate to.

Enjoy my world! - Shiloh Bones -
PS: The image is of Alayha at Gemini Manor Birthday Celebration for Creativity Cafe Founder (seen here as a weird shoulder growth)