Friday, February 22, 2008

Some of my Favorite STEREO Images

Enjoy These 3D images. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE see the 3D effect if you cross your eyes by looking at your finger in front of your nose (by about 6 inches). Notice the two images become three images out of focus (in the background behind your finger), then, without moving a muscle in your eyes, keep your eyes EXACTLY FOCUSED where they are and remove your finger. THEN LET YOUR MIND focus on THE MIDDLE IMAGE. Soon you will see the combination of left and right eyes just like your mind is used to doing. It takes a bit of practice. Please let me know if you can get it? (LEAVE A COMMENT). YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGES BIGGER if you click on the images below. Then go for the Stereo Slide Show on Flickr...

pedro pan's Stereo Pairs photosetpedro pan's Stereo Pairs photoset

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oy Vey, Mothers! Camera's are for taking and Sharing Pictures

God bless my mom. She's about as caring and loving as they come,
however I just had such a frustrating experience I thought I'd share
it to see if you can relate?

On a whim and because she said she wanted one, I bought her a Canon
Elph 750 still camera that also takes movies. It was delivered four
days ago and she has yet to take a photograph with it! I find that
difficult to accept. My desire to see her finally connect the camera
to the computer (she still has yet to do it with the last camera she
was gifted with 3 years ago!) and make sure the optics and connective
electronics are working. That a person can receive a gift of a new
camera and rather than immediately put the memory card in and take
pictures (she hasn't gotten that far she tells me), she is still
reading the manual (a good thing) without following along with the
camera in her hands.

I explained how sense memory will help her learn the camera but,
first before getting into such nitty gritty, she should take a
picture and upload it to her Mac. Well that caused an argument that
negated any further communication. Mom (who is 88) was rather is
stuck trying to figure out how to set the date. She objected to my
request to fully test the camera.

All one has to do is just put the SD card in, take a picture in
automatic mode, attach the cable to upload the image(s) to her Mac
letting the machine do the rest! Easy! But the procrastinator and
gadget loving technophobe resisted to the point of not listening to
me or responding. End of call which left me less that feeling the
love of seeing her enjoying taking photos and seeing them on the big
screen of her machine and photo frame my sister got her.

So instead of the acceptance of my wisdom and advice, accepting the
loving, caring desire to help her enjoy the camera, she resisted
plugging the camera in and seeing how easy the Mac makes digital
picturing taking and sharing. Her resistance to installing the memory
card and connecting so iPhoto will import the images makes ME CRAZY!
I tell her, its easy. It just works! But alas, Mom is making things
more complicated than they have to be rather than enjoying taking
pictures with the camera?

Its exasperating. I hope she checks it out soon and makes sure that
everything works before waiting too long. That means, charge that
battery, install it and the SD card, press the shutter button, insert
USB cable and connect to Mac and voilà! Mac's iPhoto wakes up and
asks, "Do you want to import the photos?" you click yes, and your done!

But, not my mom. It make be a week (at the rate she's going) before
she attempts to see what the images look like beyond the 3in built-in
screen and let me see her smiling face that alas is six thousand
miles away.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whale Tales

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... have a look at my book (you can also click the title above):

Monday, February 18, 2008

Photos of Chelsea Clinton @ Maui Mall

Here are some shots I captured on Sunday of Chelsea Clinton after she came out of a Maui Mall Coffee Shop (Lighthouse Cafe) with a brew. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Little did I know who the beautiful woman (with entourage) was who came into the Lighthouse Internet Cafe in Kahului where as fate would have it, I wound up. I was concentrating on my laptop having just come from a competitor (Coffee Roasters) who's kitchen was closed and I was hungry.

She was really shapely in her black dress and had a rich and warm smile. In hind site, perhaps I should have gone and introduced myself and CCafe project just in case, well you know..

What do you think of these shots?

Please leave a comment.

caption: Chelsea Clinton stopped into the Lighthouse Internet Cafe, Kahului Maui for Coffee and chats with fans while visiting Hawaii.

Master full sized files can be downloaded from: call or write for password

Peace and Love,

PS: What a divine synchronicity for I was already thinking of going to the Lighthouse Cafe. I'd been in Maui Mall a few days ago. The place had been packed with kids and laptops - taking advantage of the free WIFI Internet Access. I wanted to get a feel for the place and clientele. I especially liked the table by the big glass window that looks out over the movie theater and stage area of the Maui Mall. This group walked in and out. The people behind me started talking, "that was Chelsea Clinton!" I had known she was going to be on Maui campaigning for her mom. I did what any phototgrapher would do, grabbed some paparazzi style images.