Thursday, January 10, 2008

Re: Peace Trains

On Jan 9, 2008, at 5:29 PM, Victoria Quinton wrote:

Hello Peter,

 If you have any inspiration or ideas for the Peace Trains, they would be most welcome.

 There is an updated, expanded version of the Peace Train book being collated even now.

  Most of the original version, cover pictured on this page, have been widely distributed:


Was built over a period of 25 years by a man who had absolutely no formal education at all, but who had a powerful imagination and a fierce determination to create a structure and socio- spiritual organization that would embody and symbolize the tremendous beauty of and hope for the world of our children. During my six days at the Palace, in between sessions of the Conference on Non-violence, Poverty and Hunger and the subsequent Peace Leadership Training, December 23-28th, 2007, I came to experience the multi-storied, white-washed Children's Peace Palace in various dimensions. Chance would take to me to various of the rabbit warren of rooms and features. The walk through the house of fear and courage, where a little boy stands on the tracks about a chasm to stop a train from plunging over a broken bridge behind him. Where one climbs up a small mountain and slides down through the long body and mouth of a tiger, a snake, or a peacock to the sand below. Where you look through a window and see a waterfall and hear the lightning and thunder inside. Where over the entrance the White plaster of Paris Dove spreads her enormous wings, -- a great sheltering mother for all children.
Still, for me, the highlight was conducting The Indian Children's Peace Train, first in the office, and then moving on the 3rd day to the Children's Peace Museum with its statutes of boys and girls doing Yoga and so much more. I was accompanied by 30 some boys and girls eager to draw pictures of "Peace in My Life." They, in moments of festivity and profound concentration created then linked them into a train on paper wheels behind a paper engine, drawings of green hills, waterfalls, magnificent flowers and trees, soaring birds and winding rivers - a symbol of Nature and human,
community peace. The looks of care and tenderness, the humor and joy that exuded from the children's faces, rising like flowers out of colorful saris and neatly ironed blue shirts reminded me that there is great beauty and trust in this world. If adults can provide children with healthy conditions in which to grow anywhere in the world, a peaceful, responsible, mutually loving society can grow out of it. We, adults, can plant the seeds for a wonderful Earth tomorrow, populated by Peace Train Children of today.

Victoria Quinton

Hi Victoria,

I am focusing on other aspects of my life right now and can't "get it up" to organize KidCast (or Peace Train) until reinforcements arrive (is that like waiting for godot :-). After giving so much of my time to V.A.R.I.O.U.S. projects (27+ yrs), I have ignored many of my needs putting community organizing forefront in my focus. So, now I need to focus on other things of a more personal nature, like getting my art and photography out there, attracting someone to love again (i.e. by physically performing in my community) and taking care of other off line stuff.  I am chat-able however via AOL chat (MauiMacMan) if you want to go that route and you can Skype me via CCafe_maui.  KidCast may or may not happen on a shoestring on April 22 unless other educational organizers show up to help prepare? I am doing nothing to secure other nodes or local schools but if someone else care's to participate and lets me know, I will jump in.  (I am sharing this with Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace Mailing List:

I am on the other (of many) hand, exploring broadcast options via these outlets (which could include KidCasting):

We will be doing music live tonight on  so please get an account and look for MauiMacMan's channel.

Aloha and Peace,
RE: Creativity Cafe, I am proposing to SIGGRAPH.ORG again this year, as they have honored my work, twice before.