Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got my Mac Back for Optical Drive Replacement, now screen is blue streaked!

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You have to love Apple! They have now completely replaced every part of my MacBook Pro. I keep the audio plug whose tip broke off as a reminder of the good grace of one of their customer service reps who made the call to refurbish after sending Mac back with the broken off plug still in it (at my request). I didn't want to pay the $1300 for repair due to extreme abuse on my part (not having purchased a proper case to protect this precious tool and liberator of creative force).

But Apple was cool. I got the Mach back and lo and behold, it would not turn on! Did they ever please this long time customer (the MBPro is my 5th Mac) by offering to repair just enough to make it work but not fix the physical damage. They surprised the hell out of me... here is the rest of the story.

But then the optical drive stopped working. I had 90 day warranty so Apple was under obligation to fix the failed optical drive as they are to fix my now blue striped screen!

I thought my eyes were deceiving me. All the words on the right side of the email message I was writing seemed to have a bluish tint rather than be black like the words were at their start?? How curious. Then I noticed all the words on the right side of the screen (during Skype video with George Hub.), that it wasn’t my eyes deceiving me after all! The screen was actually defective or had somehow failed. That is the only thing remaining untouched by Apple.

The screen, working fine when sent in for optical drive replacement has now developed a blue streak down the right side. It shows against black but not at all with white. I have to restart; testing to see if it will go away? If not, back to Apple!

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