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Re: Transforming Our World - Global Citizens Unite - Facilitated Collaboration Venues Needed

On Oct 9, 2008, at 7:03 PM, Christopher Toussaint wrote:

As many of you can now see, the Sh*t is now starting to hit the fan blades of our global economy. There is a lot of fear in the aethers and many of us who are spiritually and psychically sensitive can be emotionally affected by it. We need to come together, whether on the Internet, via phone or in small gatherings to pool our collective energy and resources like never before. There are some great videos and sites on the Internet that are pro active in explaining what is going on from a more centered and balanced perspective. One film that has been well received is called Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum. Check out Also, Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, is also sounding the alarm. 

However, the more we try to think ourselves out of this mess, the likelihood is we will operate out of fear and make stupid mistakes. Having lived for 55 years on this earth I am no stranger to making stupid mistakes... What my girlfriend Athena and I are now starting to do is take the "heart knowledge" from Peak Oil, Sovereignty, Metaphysics, Ecological practice and Permaculture to radically reshape our lives and lifestyle in the direction of what we know is sustainable and spiritually true. We are in effect, dropping totally out of the system (in as much a way as we can) and putting our energy into creating the emergent new world we envision. This will include lots of you, if you choose to be a part, for we are entering a time when cooperation will be far more essential than competition. It is becoming very clear that we are in for years of social and political turmoil due to the fallout of a crumbling global system of greed that continues to think up new ways of enslaving the people of the world. In America we have a formidible challenge, because so many are still clueless. But the good thing is that once people get over their fear and anger, they will start waking up to the reality of how they were fooled and they will be open to learn what most of us already know.  We don't have to buy guns and hunker down, which is the old paradigm of paranoia. Not that I am against gun ownership, only that we need to put our priorities first, which proceeds from Spirit to liberty and to life, and from life to securing our basics -- water, food, shelter, energy, transportation. The old days of relying on "the system" and not ourselves has begun. Yes, it will be inconvenient and a lot of our neighbors will be hurt. We must rise to the occasion and let them know that there are other ways of living on this earth. This is why we are here on Earth now -- to usher in the SHIFT. Lets stay in touch.


Chris Toussaint
Office of the Director of Transvision &
Free Spirit Productions

Hi Chris,

As long as you are pointing out Z'geist (which lives on my iPod along with Sicko, Money Masters, Economic Hit Man, The Trap, From Freedom to Facism, etc, you might check out my next to last blog post on TAOSB:  that has links to the aforementioned.

I hope you enjoy and devour Money Masters followed by a fantastic condensation of Z'gst -like investigation and then some... with hidden twists offered by John Perkins in his CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN.

Feel free to pass those links on!

Collaboration is key for sure. As you may know Creativity Cafe is being designed facilitate connection between puzzle pieces, i.e. people in progress purveying new reality thought and presently unfolding as the global status quo continues to crumble.  I see CCs and affiliates as a "Social Mechanism" that can greatly help turn things around. I/we are developing tools to harness technology that facilitates connection, collaboration, creation of conscious content and commences with commerce convenient to creatives - i.e. they play in Creativity Cafes and together with audience members!!! get paid dividends, royalties and rewards via CREATIVITY.COM (once developed beyond the mere placeholder currently hibernating) and hard-software currently in development.  

Do you know about Paul Holman's newest efforts?


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