Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, Sept 17th, NJTrip2 day 10 - First Trip to Manahattan

I was in the city for the first time on Wednesday taking the bus in at around 10am arriving an hour later.  I took the subway downtown look across at a beautiful, tall model wearing purple high heals. She reminded me how much I love the look and feel of the NY Woman. We got out at 14th St.  I was curious to see where she was going and followed her for a block or two until running into another beautiful woman.  This one seemed lost as she consulted her map. I offered assistance. We walked a few blocks together. She's a young model just learning the ropes.  She had to go where the purple shoe'd beauty was going -- just a few blocks away.

I headed to my old place on Charles St. and took photos, then went shopping in the Bali and Tibetan shops for a nice jacket. Found nothing.  I put my camera on my wheeliebopper where it dropped off and popped my super glue repair. I had to find super glue gel and fixed the lens.  Then I lost my favorite smoking pipe.  The one given me two years ago by Maury with the magnetic top.  I replaced it when I got to 42nd  times square area.

I headed to Music Alley on 48th St. and 7th Avenue to shop for a new keyboard to replace my beginners casio with something with more sounds.  I want to get a professional audio interface for my Mac to record my band in formation and finally focus my energy on creating my first CD of my tunes.  

I walked 6.5 miles according to the pedometer I bought mom for her birthday. She keeps saying I must have walked a mile.   Only problem is we can't find a place on her body to put it where it will count accurately.  Her limp and cane masquarade her gate. I  was too wiped out after walking 6.5 miles to walk another 3 to meet up with Mike Sussell.   We arranged for a potential Friday meeting.

I stopped into the Interop and Web 2.0 Expo's. I love the trade show atmosphere. I was surprised by all the beer bars sponsored by each company.  There were cheese plates and crackers and I got my share of trade show booty and blinkies.  I walked past where they wash and bed down the horses from Central Park Carriage duty and was glad to be on the bus home to a mother made dinner. There was a line three blocks waiting for the bus. I was hurting and couldn't stand another minute.  I circumnavigated the line and found a back door to get up a few levels to the beginning just before the bus came.  

I tried to explain to the first guy in line my challenge, but he didn't care.  Oh well. I guess the ravages of old age and infirmary matter little after one has been working all day and is anxious to get home. I got in the first seat with my wheeliebopper crammed in front of me.  A cute Korean woman sat next to me. I spoke with her. She loved my Valentine's Heartwave Video and the Kaleidoscopic Exploration hypnotic mandala videos that I shared with my iPOD.  I gave her some 3D glasses to wear as well. A gift.

I didn't see anything I liked in the way of clothes. But, I did chat with several beautiful women in the course of the day. It felt great to be back in NYC. I just love it there... but not enough to move permenantly.  I couldn't find the Eye Beam gallery as I chose not to take my laptop the address.


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