Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trip2NJ9.08 Back to my Roots - Roslyn, Brooks Party -revised

I took this Stereo photo of Roslyn Harbour's old Grist Mill. Its being
restored on the inside. I can remember being inside as a kid when the
mill was still operating! Its right across from the Roslyn Movie House where I saw my first movie at 25 cents with the neighborhood kids from Milburn lane.

I rented a car today to get to Brooks Party in Glen Cove. I just had to
visit Roslyn where I grew up. I stopped to take photo's and visit
the house that I grew up in and walked the town. That was a bit of a mistake...

I pulled over just before sunset at the duck pond where I first learned to sleigh ride. Where Mom used to take me to bath in the streams, where the duck we kept was released and where I used to love to hang out and visit, even when going to College at CW Post. I registered as an Art Major, switched to Music and then changed to Chemistry where I remained until struck with WCWP fever.

Once I tasted the radio station, I had found home! All other school activities paled in comparison to my joy in the studio. Many classes were cut in order to host my own show, "The Folk Project" along with Linda Hughs and engineer the news. I held a 3rd class FCC license.

I loved to record my HS friends and their Sub Celler Dweller jug band - exercising my record engineering skills that were first wet upon receipt of my first tape recorder -- a Wollensak T1515=4 stereo Reel to Reel.

My uncle Ralph exposed me to it (I thought I was listening to radio until he opened the cabinet and pressed stop. That stop was the beginning of my career path when later in life I would be come a recording engineer. My mother had bought the recorder to ease the pain of our family breaking up and soften the blow of her war and impending divorce from my father. It was the perfect gift and distraction -- not that I don't still carry scars of those moments to this day!!!

Speaking of healing, the party at Brooks was just what the doctor ordered!

More later when I plan to fill in the blanks



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