Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trip2NJ9.13.08-Brooks Party - Saturday

I had a great time over the weekend at Brooks party. Well worth the
money I paid to rent a car and drive out on Long Island. Each street
name caused childhood memories to surface, and when I walked the
streets of Roslyn where I grew up (on the way to Brooks house in Glen
Cove) well, It was great to be so immersed in my past. In fact, when
I walked to the little creeks in the Roslyn duck pond property, I
forgot about the bog and gut stuck in the muck. My nice white pants
(I was going to the party in) became muddy mirrors of my experience.
I had to stand in the stream and wash the mud out. I must say, since
I was wearing my open-toe sandals from Maui, I enjoyed the mud coming
up over my feet as they sank two or three inches into the bog with
each step -- threatening to pull the flip flop off my foot entirely.

I put my pants in his washer and romped the party in my bathing suit
(I'd been wearing underneath). I was wearing my turtle shirt and had
several people come up to me when I offered my Turtle Tale in honor
of Brooks party and his guests, several of whom came up to me
afterwards to share how touched there were by my story. Those words,
from an admiring audience are golden to a spoken word artist!

Amazingly, I ran into the guy who followed me into the pants of one
flute player named Vivienne who brightened my life briefly at the
turn of the Millennium. She was actually my last girlfriend and
appears in my Christmas Maui Artists Showcase Video, produced on Dec.
15, 1999 (my dad's birthday) in the studio at Akaku Maui Community
Television. We were additionally honored with the addition of Grammy
Award winning artist George Kahumoku Jr. who gave everyone on my
staff free CDs of his music!

The party also revealed this old LA friend who refused to pay me for
photographing her because she didn't like any of the great photos I
produced in an 1.5 hr photo session for which I wanted $40. I hugged
her anyway even though I thought I'd never see her again and was glad
of it. But there she was at this party and in fact lived in the
neighborhood, moving from her place across from Manhattan where I'd
taken some great skyline images at dusk a few years back.

Being with Mom is great, and of course not without some challenging
moments when I kind of dominated her. She wanted me to keep the
piled up stash of stuff that lives in the back seat of her car, but I
couldn't see over it. She was pissed at me when I drove to her
storage and made her release some of it to a new home away from the
vehicle so we could safely see thru the rear view mirror.


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