Saturday, September 20, 2008

NJTrip day 13: I lost my iPod while tresspassing to Shoot the Bison!

Gabcast! Creativity Cafe; Edutainment, Networking Transformational Theater #5

Soon if you click on the title, you will be transported to a movie that shows the images of the story! Of course by Shoot the Bison, I am speaking of Photographing it!

All I can say is thank God! The iPod could have fallen out at any time anywhere. I had been recording another story in the car on the way with mom, to an art show in the park. Van Saun if you want to google it. Great park filled with all sorts of amusements, rides, zoo, train, lake, at sunset is when we finally got out of the house.

I had made pancakes to serve to mom a breakfast in bed. I had brought the mix from Maui last time here in April. She didn't like I used her coffee pot to make the batter, but hey, it was the perfect size and what's the big deal anyway. I cleaned to pot (glass from a small auto coffee maker) and made her coffee as well. Served her in bed. She deserves it to put up with my always doing things differently than the way she orders me to. It happens when driving (turn here! I turn there getting to the same spot mind you, but she blows a gut that I have to do it my way and I've always been that way... You'd think she'd trust that my way is as good if not better by now. But that's a whole other story.

I purchased a digitizing box for my audio studio set up so now I can record 4 tracks of live audio, rather than just two. So now I can record jim on one track, marilyn on another, vocals on a third and my guitar on a 4th, all live! I hope our performances live up to the quality we will have capability of now? Jim are you reading this (yeah, right). The M-Audio Profire610 came with Ableton Light which I have been interested in lately. I met a lawyer in Borders who has the same puter as me and is into DP and music!

I am trying to catch why it is mother and I argue all the time. All the time. There is always some little thing where I am annoyed at the request like this... I hurt myself badly this morning. In bending to reach for the eggs to make pancakes in the bottom of the fridge, something gave in my back and a creak throughout my body humbled me to the floor.

All day I have been fighting pain and pinging myself, i.e. getting in and out of driving mom's vehicle, the bend getting out and the act of landing my ass back on the seat sent a shot of pain up my back from the point of my L4-5 compromise to my neck. All day its been tweeked, I'am walking crooked and need to lay out for a bit. Such is my life.

But the good thing is I always bounce back... the heating pad and menthal pain pads that you can stick on are working their magic. Hmmmm problem with the Profire 610. The firewire that comes with it just fell out of the port on the side of the Mac, NOT GOOD! you don't want that happening in the middle of a session! I will have to use my own cord. (I just reversed ends. That seems to have solved the problem). I may have even brought one along. I am getting a couple of songs ready to record on Thursday with Linsy the Optomotrist Bassist.

George had eye surgery. He's a good buddy. We are always chatting and video conferencing about audio, video and computer stuff. Kindred spirits. Everything worked out fine! He may someday again be my technical director at Akaku. I plan to broadcast again starting in November. I hope my spirits are up to it. There is a blog post about it here.


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