Monday, September 22, 2008

NJ08trip2 - Mom's B9th Bday Party

Lynn picked us up with Jon driving. That was a first... My nephew driving. Lynn was hawking him at every turn. But later, when I saw them jump up from the gathering and shoot out the door. I quickly on impulse collected my cameras (still and video) and followed them after excusing myself and saying quick goodbyes. Lynn challenged me, what about mom? How is she going to get home?, as if there were no other options. You picked us up I reminded her.

I was never so satisfied at hearing an Oh, yeah!? from her as I darted to meet up with Jon and David. They told me a secret and that made me feel good to. That they will confide in me (about something even their parents don't know) was a first and real bonding moment.The party was 13 folks strong at Dimora's Italian Restaurant, not far from here.

After the party, and crashing on the couch (my back feeling better after yesterdays rest from my trip to Manhattan, I tested out my new M-Audio Profire 610 interface. I got a call from Paul Holman in LA at the same time George on Maui hailed me via auido iChat. I had been trying for YEARS to get Paul on the same page so we could work together if that's possible? Neither of us is easy to work with (i.e. we both have visions and are resolute for the most part in how they are to be executed in manifestation). He has a venue space and wants my assistance, he's just not willing to brand it Creativity Cafe, nor has he offered any overture of partnership.

It was fun chatting with him and George; spreading our chat across the time zones. It finished my high day celebrating my mom. I called for a toast and spoke some wonderful words about dear Mim. Loudly and without warning I stood up and chortled, "I would like to propose a toast to the most marvelous miraculous Miriam for her love, thoughtfulness and zest for life that has brought us all together...."

I carried on for a bit and everyone cheered and applauded followed by Lynn upping the ante. How you can up it from giving mother this fantastic party (of eating) is impossible. As Lynn said, you have stuff, I thought I would give you an experience! I'm trying to get mom to consider a trip to Maui, but I don't think its going to happen. The deck has already been stacked for a Florida party for her 90th. I have begun collecting memories for the occasion in that I've been going through my considerable archives of slides and negatives for the last year (since I gifted myself with a Nikon film and slide scanner last Xmas).


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