Friday, August 01, 2008

The Making of Cool In The Shade by Peter H. Rosen & John "Windcloud" Montalvo

This jam between Windcloud and I was recorded May 3, 1999 just before I went back to SF for the last time after 5 years trying to found Creativity Cafe there.  It was the only time he stayed overnight with me in Kihei.  I happened to have the video camera from Akaku Maui's community TV (public access) station so I put in a tape and out flowed what you see. Then I did some post processing using an archaic rainbow making tool, captured that with an archaic screen capture utility and put that together with our recording against a blue screen (airoplane blanket) i put up behind us for chromakey later.  2 weeks later I was on my way to close out my SF office and the words to Cool in the Shade named for Windy's words and the melody we came up with on tape. Only now the words were delivered by a higher source at 39K feet in the back of a 727 jet on the way to SFO. It was fun (and a bit annoying) to have groupies watch and listen as I softly strummed while singing the words i'd written in my head, They were trying to figure out who was that "rock star" with the curiously shaped (vagabond) guitar, writing in a note book.  Enjoy. 08/01/2008


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