Saturday, April 05, 2008

Safe Landing - Home on the Mainland - Insecure

I was lucky. I am Lucky. I am Grateful! People were standing on their
heads to assist me. God bless these dear strangers and friends!

It was a long flight, and a fantastic few days but now I am back with
Mom in New Jersey. Marilyn picked me up at Valley Isle Motors where
my Toyota was being repaired from two accidents within two weeks of
each other. My car was hit by two different drivers who were not
aware that my vehicle was in their way. Maybe I will edit this blog
entry to include the last few days, but for now, here is how the trip

We left Maui on a half full plane headed for Kona on Big Island. I
was glad we didn't have to deplane before taking on new passengers.
The empty seat next to me was filled by a large woman who managed to
contain her girth without pushing me out of my seat. We flew 8 hours
to Chicago, where I changed planes and rode for another hour and a
half flight - making my day a very long one since I hadn't really
slept on the first plane. There was cute stewardess on the second
plane. I asked her to model for my spirit body process and she
agreed. I took two shots.

The landing on Kona was undetectable. I can't remember another flight
that set down so gently! We arrived on time Friday morning at 9:30am
Newark time. I had been in the air 11 or 12 hours after being up
early and packing. I brought my albums of 4x 6 inch prints
documenting some of the adventures of my life through pictures. I
wanted to share them and the stories with Mom hoping she'd find them
interesting (she only expressed moderate interest). I had arranged
for a limo to pick me up and take me the hour to Mom's house. That
was another $70 on top of the $800 and change I paid United. I was
going to fly cheaper thanks to Devorah and the companion fare she
arranged for. But then Aloha airlines went belly up and I thought the
increased traffic with United picking up the slack would make standby
flying relatively impossible, so I played safe.

Normally I come back East once a year for Mom's birthday, but this
year, I needed to be with family for MY birthday. I am always letting
go of friends. Either they'll have nothing more to do with me (for
various reasons) or visa versa. Mostly its because I am consumed by
my physical challenges and my remedy, to keep occupied which for me
is easy. I have so many career paths and community service
objectives that I am saturated beyond most can comprehend.

I slept all day and night on Friday, woke up yesterday a bit groggy
and went with mom to buy a blow up bed. What I was delighted by was
that I entered mom's place and it was neat and orderly! Its the
first time in the last 10 years I came to visit and didn't have to
help her lug stuff to the dumpster, move it into storage, or donate
it. Thank god she's had the help and state of mind to let go and let
someone else help her organize her place. I am having a Happy
Birthday. Please make a comment.

I had the realization that because I am as gifted as I am, as
visionary as I am, and as lucky as I am, and so in gratitude for dad
and his leaving his wealth to take care of our family, that despite
my stress and pain, I have been able to persevere in my passion and
purpose, all of which can more easily be dealt with because of his
foresight to invest in our behalf. Thanks dad!

The last time I was on this side of the world, was to say goodbye for
the last time as you flew with the angels -- to your homeland in the
minds eye; the center of all and nothing, of everywhere and nowhere.
I saw your eyes for the last time anyone would. I can never forget
your look. Trying to read your expression, you were seeing me for the
last time. What was that like for you, I wondered? You left before
telling me. I am afraid that when mom passes I will be so alone
without anyone's care, compassion, support, nurturing and
unconditional love, that my documentation of a life well lived will
be the only honest telling of my story. I have no wife, or child who
will testify to my life well lived, so my art will have to do. Care
to comment?


Anonymous Pierre d'Maui said...

There are many stories to be told from my adventure that brought me from elation to tears, tears at my heart and the love that we've shared from the start! Thanks for tuning into my pages.

Be annon if you must! But DO leave a comment for me - especially if you want to know the intimate details I've left out of this public blog. The secret one, I keep secret except for the few souls whom I trust with my most private thoughts and creative releases.

Come back often in the next few months as I find time to post my digital storytelling about my adventure of 27 days in April.

3:20 PM  

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