Thursday, April 10, 2008

Guess What? There's Gonna Be A Party - revised

Lucky me. I was at Angelica's last night and Linsy and band (who recorded a great track for Mindwinds) was playing. Perfect place to relax and work on my images. Then tonight I put this map together after Linsy gave a green light to have a jam session in honor of my Birthday. I will be going over earlier in the day to help engineer the audio for a recording session of the Jazz Berries. It seems I showed up just in time to help them and I must say, Its delightful that one hand will wash the other. I hope my family gets over the need to eat in a formal restaurant since we've been invited to use the wonderful home of my new friend.

Ron came up to my table. It was through him that I was directed to ask Linsy if I could perform Mindwinds last year with the band. How cool is that! Linsy and everyone was so accomodating. Especially Stefani Valadez who was nice enough to photograph the sheet music to Mindwinds in LA and pass the photos via iChat (on Mac) over to me in NJ so I could clean up the images and print out the music for the Band. I really liked what they did without rehearsal and invited them to record the track. I have been working on it every since they layed down a fantastic foundation for Stefanie's vocals. When its finished being recorded and mixed, I will post the link here on this post!

I hope you plan to join me and my East Coast friends, old and new? We should do it again on the West Coast when I arrive on April 25.

Here is a map to where we'll be celebrating in New Jersey on Saturday, April 12th:


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