Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Guess What? There's Gonna Be A Party

Lucky me. I was at Angelica's last night and Linsy and band (who
recorded a great track for Mindwinds) was playing. Perfect place to
relax and work on my images. Then tonight I put this map together
after Linsy gave a green light to have a jam session in honor of my
Birthday. I will be going over earlier in the day to help engineer
the audio for a recording session of the Jazz Berries. It seems I
showed up just in time to help them and I must say, Its delightful
that one hand will wash the other. I hope my family gets over the
need to eat in a formal restaurant since we've been invited to use
the wonderful home of my new friend.

Ron came up to my table. It was through him that I was directed to
ask Linsy if I could perform Mindwinds last year. How cool is that!
Click Tit;e pf this post to see a map to where we'll be celebrating:


Blogger Creativity Cafe Founder said...

Here is the map:
You can PARK ACCROSS THE STREET at the Lutherin Church!

8:01 PM  

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