Friday, February 22, 2008

Some of my Favorite STEREO Images

Enjoy These 3D images. YOU MIGHT BE ABLE see the 3D effect if you cross your eyes by looking at your finger in front of your nose (by about 6 inches). Notice the two images become three images out of focus (in the background behind your finger), then, without moving a muscle in your eyes, keep your eyes EXACTLY FOCUSED where they are and remove your finger. THEN LET YOUR MIND focus on THE MIDDLE IMAGE. Soon you will see the combination of left and right eyes just like your mind is used to doing. It takes a bit of practice. Please let me know if you can get it? (LEAVE A COMMENT). YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGES BIGGER if you click on the images below. Then go for the Stereo Slide Show on Flickr...

pedro pan's Stereo Pairs photosetpedro pan's Stereo Pairs photoset


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