Monday, February 18, 2008

Photos of Chelsea Clinton @ Maui Mall

Here are some shots I captured on Sunday of Chelsea Clinton after she came out of a Maui Mall Coffee Shop (Lighthouse Cafe) with a brew. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Little did I know who the beautiful woman (with entourage) was who came into the Lighthouse Internet Cafe in Kahului where as fate would have it, I wound up. I was concentrating on my laptop having just come from a competitor (Coffee Roasters) who's kitchen was closed and I was hungry.

She was really shapely in her black dress and had a rich and warm smile. In hind site, perhaps I should have gone and introduced myself and CCafe project just in case, well you know..

What do you think of these shots?

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caption: Chelsea Clinton stopped into the Lighthouse Internet Cafe, Kahului Maui for Coffee and chats with fans while visiting Hawaii.

Master full sized files can be downloaded from: call or write for password

Peace and Love,

PS: What a divine synchronicity for I was already thinking of going to the Lighthouse Cafe. I'd been in Maui Mall a few days ago. The place had been packed with kids and laptops - taking advantage of the free WIFI Internet Access. I wanted to get a feel for the place and clientele. I especially liked the table by the big glass window that looks out over the movie theater and stage area of the Maui Mall. This group walked in and out. The people behind me started talking, "that was Chelsea Clinton!" I had known she was going to be on Maui campaigning for her mom. I did what any phototgrapher would do, grabbed some paparazzi style images.


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