Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My MacBookPro is Back!

Apple is a great company. They have always done right by me and even
exceed my expectations!

I had an unfortunate incident that I thought would be fatal to the
Macbook Pro purchased to supersede my "windblown" Powerbook (that was
hurled to the ground by an errant wind - see previous entry). I
decided to get a new machine rather than make a sizable investment in
"old" powerbook technology. So, I purchased a MBP 2.33 MHz Mach wotj
Intel Duo Core. One day a few months later, I forgot my still camera
at a store. In the process of recovering it, I had an accident with the
new Mac that I won't discuss here.

I don't know if that's what led to the failure that had me trying to
back up the Machine the whole month of December? But, Apple was nice
enough to replace the failed optical drive, the hard drive and HD cable
under Applecare. Now I have a almost new Machine with the missing
screws replaced, the stuck door for external card open-able, and the
feet that had come off, replaced. Nice job Apple. Also the Apple
stock that I purchased in January a year ago (my first stock purchase),
more than doubled and paid for the new MBP. I love my Mac and so glad
to have it back!

To Celebrate, anyone who reads this blog, can request a free hour of my
time for doing graphic design or 3D animation through the month of
January 2008. Just mention the "My Mac is Back" Special Offer!

What a great start to the new year!

A Hui Ho!

Blessings, Peace and Light,


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