Thursday, November 15, 2007

iKey tips and tricks for Mac!

iKey tips and tricks for Mac!
Originally uploaded by pedro pan
I use iKey to save countless key presses and accelerate all my work and production of art, multimedia, images, music, live and cyberspace events and other tools that I compose to do the work needed at any given time. Fantastic. I used to use Quickkeys, but gave them up when they stopped donating to our KidCast for Peace project.

I jumpped to Ikey and never looked back. I find it superior as far as a Macro programs for the Mac is concerned.

What I have done, since using the keyboard short cuts is a matter of
personal preference, is to set up a kind of rhyme and reason, form
and function to assigning keystrokes to things. I am left handed. We
are left-brain, right-brain and I have come to realize I am assigning
keystrokes both for ease of use (using only one hand or the other)
and logic of use. In other words, when I am doing something creative,
you would think the right brain is involved... so creative things
tend to be done with my left hand. IOW, switching between apps when
i am in a creative flurry. I switch from one program to another in
the blink of an eye, with no mouse movement and only one keystroke
(as opposed to holding down the command and tab until i advance to
the desired application. I use my right hand for system oriented
things... opening preferences, repeating a file oriented keystroke
(like calling "change file name applescript" into action, or opening
a file (command o) etc.

That way remembering that I can get to my audio app with control
(which I use for opening apps) a and left hand, gets mentally filed
easily (for me) while command i, gets file info with the right hand.
One heavy use of the iKey Macro utility is to open MacJournal, scroll
to the bottom of the window, click after last entry, add two carriage
returns, 11 dots, 2 spaces, the date, 2 spaces, the time, 2
spaces, 11 dots and finally 2 carriage returns to ready my next
journal entry. If i had to type all those keys, It would take 30
seconds at least and I'd have to focus on the mundane. For this set
of actions, my iKey to open my journal and do the previous litany, is
shift + option + j. It feels good to hit those keys together! That's
one way I remember and use the tool. The feel good keystrokes are
more useful to me than the stretches (typing Creativity Cafe's blog
address: I
either have to be a one handed contortionist or use my other hand for
that one (try command + option + control + shift + A using your left
hand for that one). There is only one comfortable (ok, we are
stretching the imagination) hand configuration for that one. The
first person to tell me what finger hits what key for that 5 fingered
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