Thursday, October 11, 2007

Black Snow of Kihei - Watch My Video

Every Morning I wake up to the smell of burning cane field smoke.
Here are the results of this antiquated practice. Citizens have
been complaining for years and the company responsible continues to
harvest by release of lung clogging dust and toxins into the atmosphere.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Creativity Cafe: A way to peace...

I am wondering what its going to take to get my ideas and programs
implemented and serving people - beyond the small installations and
proof of concept events that have generated such great interest,
sprouted a nonprofit and that has won awards for youth education
projects such as KidCast for Peace?

Creativity Cafe [ ] you might recall (google
it) is being designed to help inspire and heal people thru the
marriage of art and technology via a network of specialty venues
specifically constructed-engineered for networking, mentoring and for
receiving community feedback and participation in producing,
purveying and promoting/broadcasting and reaping the rewards of
marketing creative works that are educational, inspiring, liberating,
entertaining and interactively fun!

If you'd like to skype me (also comments here are rewarded and
email's a good way to go. Can we can talk about it?


> Hi Prof - how are you?:-)
> Nilgun