Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Adventures in NYC

I will be linking a movie here, to give you a taste of my fantastic good fortune on the East Coast. I am way behind in my blogging and hope you will check back as I add content from my trip.

In the meantime, have a listen to the Jazz Berries,

powered by ODEO
a fantastic Jazz Band that allowed me to join them onstage in a cameo performance of my song MINDWINDS which they will be helping me to record a track for featuring in my next CD release!~

I will be sharing more as I recapitulate the journey that included seeing family and friends, being with my dad when he died (early in the trip), going to Siggraph, living on a boat, being a guest artist with a jazz band and more... like the sweet time with a Korean woman, not to mention Mom's upcoming birthday.  Wanna know more?  I will have some secret sites that only those who request the URL will get to see and hear. Wanna be one of them?  Just leave a comment or write me!



PS: There was supossed to be a movie with this post. I guess it didn't load properly in youtube? I acually had a fantastic time in the City today (this post revised on Thursday, Sept 20. A week exactly before going back to Maui. Today was a blast to be seeing Theo and Mike Suss. We hung out for a couple of three hours with devine synchronicity and loads of serendipity entering into our flow!

I had been on my way to brooklyn via the subway and thought I'd get to see Joey Chavez, Stef's son as well. Theo was as usual, not sure about meeting or feeling well enough to travel... but Suss and I came and fetched him after Michael decided to come back into the city. We came and got T man in mikes car! That changed everything. I had been at the Museum of Natural History eariler in the day. It was a great reminder of my childhood in NY and perspective on life, given a view of our ancient ancestors.

Mike and Theo had something in common they would go on to discover as we arrived at the bar next to where Theo lives. I photographed the owner and one of the performers at her club (using my Performance Photography technique). Pix will be posted and linked to here if you check back in a bit.