Monday, August 06, 2007

Siggraph Day 2 - Bedding on the Boat

••••••••••• Monday, August 6, 2007 6:51:37 AM US/Pacific •••••••••••

The first morning on Lee S's boat. I had trouble finding it since
I'd never been on his boat no less sleeping on one.

I was comfortable and warm with sleeping bags provided. There was a
little sleeping area that was down under and too claustrophobic for
me so I crashed on the seats in the cabin eating/sitting area. The
seagulls are singing their morning song.

The drive down with Mike was ok except he has a habit of mumbling
over the loud music he plays and expected me to hear him. I had to
ask him to repeat himself repeatedly.

I drove for a bit and gave him $20 for gas. Greg Panos had suggested
I might get a ride to SIGGRAPH with Mike.

I hadn't seen Greg is quite a while, since he basically put the
capstone on my Maui productions by ignoring my request to not touch
the wires that were precariously plugged into my sound and light show
system causing me to stop him physically when he went ahead and tried
to plug in his laptop after I said it would disrupt everything...
which it did.

I could not register as press so I went to regular registration. They
were confused there as I was slated to be a mentor (whatever that
means) to this high school student. After some discussion, I was
able to get a full conference pass with film show and courses
reception (ie. feast) tickets. A $100 value.

When I got hold of the Mentor coordinator, he said he'd screwed up
and didn't submit the names of the mentors and I should go up to the
show office to get my Electronic Theater tickets and passes for friends.

I spoke with the office manager who not only gave me two additional
passes to the exhibits only trade show floor, but two more Electronic
Theater tickets making 3 all together.

I was considering using them for Les and Don Cirlin who will be
driving from Northern Calif. to come pick me up at SIGGRAPH and take
me to Palo Alto to visit my nephew and hang with Dan Kottke (Apple
employee #7 and designer of the original Mac circuit board.

It began almost immediately... running into old friends, Joan
Collins, Andrew Rosen, Stewart McSherry (with whom I had learned the
Cubacomp CG system in all night hands on sessions in a hanger at
Burbank Airport circa 1988).

We explored the emerging technologies and art gallery. I wasn't all
that impressed by anything as I had been in previous years. There
was another spinning mirror attempt at visualizing 3 space with a
holographic display that caught my eye, but nothing like the fish
tank crystal lattice I had envisioned (i.e. the holographic display
in "Stranger in a Strange Land."

I did a lot of walking. My photos will show the several football
field size of the convention center.

Mike pretty much stayed with me and I with him until after the
official start of SIGGRAPH - marked by the sake party. I was sitting
with seasoned movers and shakers in the CG industry. The people who
make the special effects happen in all the movies with MoCap and CG
animation magic.

I took a spirit body photo of Frank Foster without him being aware of
it. I found I didn't want to hang with Greg and Mike... I wanted to
be around the golden boys and girls. People like Joan Collin's from
my old LA siggraph days, and Vibrake Sorenson a senior lady of the
computer graphics (CG) industry.

I captured some great shots of the sake keg opening and will post
some on my flickr account.

Monday, August 6, 2007 7:39 AM I will leave the nest here on the sea
in 20 minutes to learn the way back to the convention center. Last
night after the sake party, I was at the grand piano that happened to
be outside the great hall where the gathering took place.

I did my keyboard warmups. Just then some people came along and asked
If I could play songs they could sing! Could I! We all (6) sang "In
My Life" by the Beatles and they wandered off, totally stoked and
thanking me for playing and singing. It was a high moment!

Life is rich. I feel so thankful for my good parents and good
fortune, My physical challenges got pretty bad in the car during the
2.5 hr journey South from LA...not to mention all the convention
center and exhibit-art gallery walking! And that problem with my
middle finger - which started hurting several months ago, received a
name Dr. Sands mentioned in his phone call.

••••••••••• Monday, August 6, 2007 1:19:26 PM US/Pacific •••••••••••

Just got news that my shipboard lodgings has dried up. I mentioned I
wanted a place to stay while at SIGGRAPH and my benefactor
interpreted that as a night or two and made plans to take the boat
for his wifes anniversary to catalinha.

I called around an made a reservation at a hostle 2 blocks from here
(convention center) for $24 a night. Peace.

••••••••••• Monday, August 6, 2007 2:05:27 PM US/Pacific •••••••••••

Arrival at SIGGRAPH 2007 - Stef's, Gary's

I think the last time I was here was in 2003. I really don't remember.

 ••••••••••• Saturday, August 4, 2007 11:29:25 PM US/Pacific ••••••••••• 

I was at gary's most of today. We interacted for a bit. I was surprised when he started going off about how he paid 3 dollars for a $50 item, $20 for a rug worth $300, etc, etc. etc. he kept going. I wanted him to chat with mom!

After playing a bit i went into his second bedroom and crashed. I was feeling really grateful for his hospitality and told him so. 

I tried to take a few good shots of him but he was mocking for the camera and as I know, unlike me, doesn't like being photographed.

 ••••••••••• Sunday, August 5, 2007 11:39:27 PM US/Pacific ••••••••••• 

on Lee Silber's Boat in San Diego Harbor after arriving at Siggraph around 3pm.  I drove down with Mike Amron who I didn't hear from all day yesterday, Saturday.  

I was crashed all day Sat. Gary left without a note or any discussion at all obviously having other plans I was not part of or he would have included me. 

Saturday, I had been sleeping on and off all day at his house (crashing over after his film screening and my rude snorring). I woke about 6pm for good. The tiredness was probably from lugging my luggage around the airports and my body clock adjusting.

I had spoken with Stef about David coming to pick me and my stuff up, but I decided to walk the 15 or so blocks to their house. As I left Gary's, there was a shopping cart conveniently waiting on the corner. I comendeered it getting to Stefs about 8pm, just as they were about to walk out the door. 

Stef was amazed at my timing. Another 20 seconds and I'd of missed them. She ragged on me for not letting her know that my plans were to stay over which I thought was clear.  She had not remembered she and I had spoken and agreed David would be going out for a film and could pick me up.  I perhaps should have called her before I decided to save him the trip and get there under my own speed? She didn't agree that her memory failed her.

She made a big stink that I never let her know I was coming over to sleep that night (even though we did discuss it) oh well.  We just let it pass.

We went to the DVD store and I took the opportunity to buy dinner - lunch for the road. Upon getting home, David and Stef curled up to watch a DVD. I went into Stef's studio and curled up with my broken laptop on the nice big bed. The laptop still usable but quite challenging with only 30% of the screen usable.

I got up early the next morning and packed for SIGGRAPH leaving my monster travel bag at Stefs.