Monday, July 02, 2007

Getting Ready for the Interdependence Day DNA shots!

Amazing! All of a sudden (thanks to parties and advertising in the
Maui Bulletin) I have three models lined up to create the companion
image to the one hanging in the recent gallery show of Mumpf. That image is
called "Womb with a View." This sequel would have to be named "water birth"
celebrating planet Earth
... ooooh! Wow! I just had the idea to get a
pregnant woman to be the model and superimpose Earth in her belly
in the watery womb! It will happen!!!


Check out this slide show of some of the recent times, art, friends
and experiences as we dance aware our dreams!

Wow, I just learned something. See those TWO LITTLE ARROWS RIGHT AFTER the PLAY/PAUSE button? Click on the movie, then those arrows WILL JUMP YOU FORWARD AND BACKWARD through my video archives on!!! You can also just use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scan my catalogue of clips!

(this is a test to see if Blip TV code can be posted to my blog via

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the music, the images or seeing
yourself in the chronicles of creativity. I want our Creativity Cafe! Thanks to Kata for the second image of me and her cool photoshopped rendition!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Show Comes Down The Beat Goes On

I was doubly surprised and delighted when I went to pick up my Art
from the WAR AND PEACE art show in Makawao. Michelle and Tom did an amazing job and what a committment! I know what such due diligance is like with my KCFP project.

My work had been up for about
a month. People were coming up to me at gatherings and appreciated my
work they said they saw at the show! As always my life is about
divine synchronicity, music and love. I was at Windcloud's gathering
and celebration of the community's contribution to his life, we built
him a house to replace his rickety old shack! OK, well all I
contributed was some images and movies for his web site documenting
the process.

I was too wiped out to drive all the way back to Kihei after bringing
my projector to the party and throwing images of the construction.
Art was there and gave the OK to crash at his house. In the morning,
Annie who also stay's, heard I was going to pick up my art at the
show. She had no way to get her's and take it to Kihei and God used
me to serve her, since I was not only going to the show but to Kihei
as well... Perfect for her. Of course I offered that I'd be glad to
take her where she needed to go, which it turns out was a few blocks
from my house. The great thing is, that she was able to serve me
too. My back was screaming. I really didn't want to lug the old and
heavy video projector and bag of wires up my stairs. Annie to the
rescue. Yes!

So once we got to the gallery, I was told the two personally
silkscreened T-Shirts with my designs had sold to fellow artists in
the show and the curators had $50 for me ( a steal at $25 for each

They Bought My Art!
Originally uploaded by pedro pan

The UNIVERSE shirt is from the first silkscreen printing I'd ever done, back in 1984. I have only 6 left. The white on black shirts had sold out years ago
and I have added the last one to my wardrobe. I was delighted to
meet the artist, Barbara Lee Galesi and her husband, pictured above)
who fell instantly in love with my designs that she was moved to make
a purchase. I asked if they'd mind modeling my wareZ!

I have yet to put up the video from my teaching LIGHT PAINTING at
Baldwin High School. Maybe I'll do that today. Where? Stickam?
YouTube? Google?, or any of the half dozen other outlets
I maintain for my videos? I can't even remember them all! Even with
the cheat chicklets on my homepage.