Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blessings and Curses - Gallery Images and Accident

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A friend called to urge that I enter my images in an art show at a
gallery that could be the home of Creativity Cafe Maui - so suggested
Jason a few weeks back. He said he'd let me know, but didn't mention
anything about this Stop the War art show. Another friend urged
me to put art into.

It all came down so quickly, I didn't have time to tell anyone but my
closest friends that my art would be in the show. I got a call Tuesday
about the show and took my images off the walls of my apartment to
bring them up Wednesday to the gallery. The next day, when the
Giclee prints arrived (in so timely a fashion) from Scott in
California, I raced to get them framed for the next day's opening.
After having the guy at Ben Franklin's cut a mat that was off center,
I got my money back and went to a second framing shop. Got a mat cut
and forgot my prints there (having to retrieve them the next day).
Just in front of the second frame shop, I was in an accident (minor)
when a guy rammed my car as I was backing into a parking stall:

and with all the preparations for the art show. The frame shop had
closed by the time the cops came. I made small talk with the guy, not
wanting to be the angry Aries I could have been (use to be). They
didn't even take a report so I made the animation above to show my
insurance folks. I had to go back into town to pick up the frame and
back home to get ready for tonight show of my work. I was not able
to get back up to the gallery early enough to hang them instead of
the place holder images. Oh well.

At least a large body of my art is up and out in the world for the
first time. Its another new beginning. Despite the tiff with the
curators, I let them know I was grateful for the showing of my work.
We shall see if anything comes of it? It was great to have friends
around to share the experience with, including Jeanette from LA whom
I really don't know that well. She sure is cute (but married). Bob
and Risa had come in from Thailand and attended!

On top of the gallery debut, I will be debuting my music on stage in
a performance at next Saturday's Healthy Hawaii Expo at the Maui
Mall. I better finish my song New Beginning since it is one!

Now I am preparing for a voyage to the Mainland and my mother's 88th
Birthday (and to visit my 88 year old father in Florida after
SIGGRAPH in San Diego where I've arranged to sleep on a boat nearby,
visit Ed in Escondito and back to LA for business and fun before
traveling east!

Thank god for my pain pills!!! or I'd never be able to do any of it!