Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I will have Nine Pieces in a War and Peace Art Show

•••••••••• Tuesday, June 5, 2007 12:42:21 PM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••

I worked all day at getting the two mac’s to connect over Airport and be able to use the broken machine for faxing (the one the wind blew off a table at the Grand Wailea and broke the screen). I spoke with mom at 5-am briefly and again at noon just as I was finishing up with editing my iphoto gallery, clearing HD space and trying to FAX. I finally pulled my self away from the computer and got to Makawao with my art. Stef called from LA with a tech question. It was perfect timing. Since she was on verizon - our talk was free. She needed directions for making an email reveal a graphic and how to mail the flyer she designed announcing her concert this weekend with Stephen Fiske. I am really happy for her success. She was so shy for so long. I guess I am a late bloomer too! What with this my third ever gallery show (in someone elses gallery).

I got up to Makawao expecting to be able to hook my laptop up to their projector to test the video feedback. I was unable to, as I had not found the SVHS cable I have two of, and thought (incorrectly) i could hook up via RCA connection. But the projector was too high end to allow that without an adaptor. So I just filled out the forms for the 9 images, wiping the dust off all the photos i brought up:

womb with a view
lizard lady
Nicole DNA paddler
Baldwin - Spirit of Aloha Watches over Us
Some with risk everything - death divers
Lava Lady - Nurtured by Mother Earth
Twin Falls Lovers
HeartWave Tshirt

My intention was to hang the KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World vinyl banner with Creativity Cafe For a Day and Web site have the KCFP Banner above my work. They saw red when they saw the banner! They insisted because its advertising (I thought that was the point of the show) it could not be hung with my art. I told then this was my art. If we let you hang a banner they said, we’ll have to let everyone hang banners. How ridiculous! Like how many artists have brought in banners? And how many artists have banner? Especially one created letting people know about a peace project. My art, represented by that banner and the explanation I would bring, describes an art project for peace the spans the spectrum of the arts and melts barriers in order to create a peace portal bridging live and cyberspace? My resistance to their not wanting the banner to hang with my other art, caused the first ruffled feathers of the show. Heh, just like an Aries! That was the War part of my entry I guess?

Then adding insult to injury, one of the two organizers tells me looking at the folded over Banner. “Its meaningless without something suggesting what it is. This, after I folded the banner so it doesn’t say CCafe with Web site, but just KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World - with my heart logo, looked like a flag. The other organizer chimed in (with beer breath and scolding eye’s) because of my protest.

”Meaningless,“ I asked incredulously? This show is about peace. I have designed a logo, a flag that is all about peace and represents a bigger project (like all good art, its symbolic and these folks apraently just didn’t see it as art). This show is about peace and here you are rejecting it ” I exclaimed!“? I'll just not hang it at all. I was fine with that.

Its my heart. My art! The banner represents an art project of global proportions. Then the guy tells me, we can hang it somewhere else, like in the children's art room. Michelle chimes in. That way we could actually do a KidCast (thinking it’s a piece of cake and you put up a banner and that’s it). I informed her that it’s a lot of work. It takes 4 months of organizing and mentoring to produce (after explaining that KCFP is a "peace portal" and barrier bridging edutainment experience - that requires teachers in other lands to organize students and technology, and for me to coordinate some 29 elements including publicity, organization, documentation etc. I can’t possibly do it by myself, especially with such short notice (anymore like I used to).

The project requires at least two nodes where people can conference, have art or something to share and know how to use the technology.

I had spoken with her yesterday after Pat M called to urge my participation in the show - the first I’d heard of it. I didn’t even know there was a show. The email that finally came a week after Michelle gave me her email, never mentioned the show or any particulars about what to bring, etc. Michelle only said she would be at the gallery. Despite my invitation to visit the links I’d sent, she never had taken even a moment to investigate my work and background. (She said she was (as I can imagine) too busy to view my site or the links I'd sent to her a week ago. But she did register complaint at the show, saying I dissed her - having somehow discovered this blog - tipped off perhaps?).

I was rather put off by the nonacceptance of my (banner) art, considering I have a lot to offer and given my track record; producing community art events and participatory theater experiences. So be it. I have no problem not showing the banner. I realize that I am not honored by these people. They are not enrolled in my work, or even (apparently) curious enough to see the colors of the ”paint set” they have amassed for their show - that will run till the end of the month of June 2007. It seems they could care less about who I am, my passion for peace and considerable efforts and success towards the manifestation of a transformational theater (and track record of productions for peace) that I would love their involvement in. Nothing new about this crew. It appears they are old school and are winging it, not really embracing my offer to help them plan for success. They are just throwing the art up, and have no clear program that will go towards sustaining the space. If I had my druthers the show could seed the synergy needed to become the seed for synergy to sprout a Creativity Cafe.

That they chose not to honor my submission of the banner, denouncing it as “not art” even though it announces my peace project, was a heads up that these folks are perhaps too judgmental, proprietary and more than likely not open to being part of Maui’s Creativity Cafe Consortium? I do feel honor to be part of the show and for their allowing my creativity to be exhibited. Its a first for me, to have a major body of my work on the walls.

I offered to do an interactive experience for everyone with video feedback and this was welcomed after their tech guy said it wouldn’t interfear with Tom Sewell’s DVD presentation. I assured them that with my video camera and me right under the projector, no harm would befall it. And, I would pull the cable after an hour to release the machine to the rest of the program.