Thursday, March 29, 2007

Purchase of 5th Mac, Winds of Change

I was forced to purchase a new laptop after a "ill" wind blew my 1.67 Albook off a table where I'd placed it for a second to free my hands from the laptop. It was at least 50% on the table when a wind came out of nowhere and swept the machine off the table and smashed the open screen that caught the wind like a sail.

Apple wanted $1300 as a flat rate to fix the machine and anything wrong with it. But it still works and I could hook up a monitor to it. I just couldn't see spending all that money when for $1K more, I could have a state of the art new machine. It took me 5 days to deduce that, and committing to putting the MacBookPro on my credit card.

So that "ill" wind cost me $2600 (educators discount) with applecare and probably is the best 60th birthday present I could give myself. The machine runs most of my usual programs and I haven't run into any significant snags as I spent my first day with it. It arrived yesterday on March 28th, and joins my 512 Mac, Mac IIci, All-in-one Educators model (the tooth) and the laptop with no screen that will become my LAN server. The 512 is in storage, all the other machines are in use, waiting for the day that I can open up a Creativity Cafe and use the machines for mentoring.

I loaded up new drivers, tested stuff, migrated all the software, operating tricks (iKey and applescripts) and my data onto the new machine automatically. It took two hours. Its FAST! I am a very happy camper. Now if only I had a sweetheart to share my joy with and make beautiful music and media with.

May she make herself known to me, as I like the aggressive type.

In other news, I have the screen of my HeartWave Mandala poised for screening onto some of the 400 t-shirts donated to VARIOUS back in 1998 when I produced the Creativity Cafe Learning Environment for the Children's Interactive Expo. I was promised a whole bunch of money for the thee months work designing and implementing the installation, and was paid in shirts! It was the final straw that sent me back to Maui without achiving my goal (after 20 years) of a permanent Creativity Cafe.