Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Willie K, say's goodbye to Hapa's in Style

Have a look at one of Maui's most beloved performers! If you want to hear some of the sounds.... let me know?

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Damon and Christine via LG8100 Cellphone

Damon and Christine
Originally uploaded by pedro pan.
I haven't seen Damon is quite a while. So yesterday's video chat usin iChat was fun, friendly and a good way to catch up with an old friend. It was his first video chat on a new machine (MacPro) with new girlfriend, Christine.

Next step is to try using SticKam which I tried with Theo today. Look out, it's Sloooow~! iVisit is better (IMHO) for multiple chats. That what we use in Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World teleactivity and PEACE PORTAL.

I took this with my LG8100 Cellphone! And beamed it up by sending it to Damon's Blackberry and Flickr/Blogger account (below)! This copy was created by using BLOG THIS from my Flickr account online interface.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Damon and Christine via cellphone (above is frm Flickr)

0107071349a.jpg, originally uploaded by pedro pan. Check out the amazing synchronicities in the "Adventures of Shiloh Bones"

First video chat with Damon in ages, in fact, ever!
I hadn't seen him since last year. He is resurrecting is Robocast Technology. I was really glad to hear he is beyond his significant challenges of the last 7 years! The image is bigger because it came from the phone interface, rather than the online (flickr) interface above.

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