Thursday, October 04, 2007

Returning Home from Journey to the East - Super Ferry Opinion


I am soooo glad to be home on Maui. It took 5 days for me to get in
the water. Maury and I went for a fly! It felt so good and the
water was really warm. I didn't see one turtle. Maury saw an octopus.

Details about the trip here.

Super Ferry:
I say we let them serve the people only if environmental impact
studies prove operation is not harmful to our sea creatures or us -
as in having military transport using the same public vessels,
potentially for transport of harmful radiation implements and chemicals.

If after passing environment assessments-impact statement and public
input, only then should any operation be considered. Since this very
commercial enterprise will change our aina and way of life, the
peoples living in Hawaii should have reduced fare for themselves and
vehicles for a "day pass" in exchange for allowing operation at the
very least. Kuliana rights should be considered.

Furthermore, our leaders should not let another sonic noise nuescence
to our creatures operate at all! And that includes the low frequency
testing that goes on.

I am watching this fantastic program called TUFF TALK hosted by Ruth
Hsu with Andrea Nuilani an estute Kauai resident who has been
following the process and taking part in the gaggle of souls that
jumped into the water to block the ferry. Their Public Access program
on TV Channel 53 was compelling. If you want to know more. You can
call it up on Channel the program any time you like on experimental
TV channel 54, by going to

For more
information on this program contact Ruth Y. Hsu @ rhsu AT hawaii dot
edu or call 808 595 0186 about her edutainment gem!


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