Monday, November 27, 2006

You Are The Universe


This studio portrait from 1976 was an experiment in high contrast large format photography. I lit Stefani with severe back lighting knowing it would form a perrfect profile edge. Then I made a hicon from the BW image and put that in the enlarger. From there I enlarged onto another piece of Kodalith placed on a lazy susan. I moved the susan a bit and exposed, moved and exposed until I reached my starting point.

I was amazed when i developed the Kodalith, to discover the lens-like shutter formed by the models neck, and the Universe-like
starfield given by her hair.

I have released the image as a T-Shirt design and poster. I wrote a published article telling the story of the creation of "YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE" in Darkroom Photography Magazine (pub circa 1980).


I am multitaking like crazy trying to get my NEW PETERHROSEN.COM site together and start focusing on my photograpy marketing after pushing for Creativity Cafe for the last 27+ years.

I've also been expanding on the net and have blogs, pages on various social networks and videocasts. My music though forefront in my consciousness in challenging to focus on. I am trying to bring my BORN OF FRIENDSHIP draft recordings up to speed.

And my social life, well, that leaves a lot to be desired. There is a certain due dillegence to working on the web, mastering the tools, following through on everything needed to turn my many talents into profitable enterprise.

I have many ideas for collaboration but on Maui, those with a passion for action are few and far between (as far as inspired, career minded, goal oriented people striving to accomplish somehting... and if they are, will it overlap with my agendas?

So Creativity Cafe and KidCast are on hold while I focus on more personal needs ... like attracting love and creating money.