Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trip to Mainland- The End; Just Another Beginning

THis video begins (and ends) my recent voyage to the mainland:

Monday, October 23, 2006

I want the Apple iPod Print Ad Account - proof of concept

I want the Apple iPod Print Ad Account - proof of concept, originally uploaded by pedro pan. Check out the amazing synchronicities in the "Adventures of Shiloh Bones"

When traveling in NYC recently, I saw Apples Nano ad and thought, OMG, someone has finally used my technique on TV. Then I saw a tutorial about how you could use After Effects to get a similar effect.

But my proof of concept series of tests (click title above) uses my Spirit Body Process Performance Photography and takes their ad one step further. It demonstrates how I can use an actual iPod to create an image out in nature, not in the studio! or with special computer effects. What you see was all done in the camera (except for the text added later).

Now all I need is a pretty model into technology to mock up an actual ad to pitch to Apples ad agency. Here are some more images: