Saturday, October 14, 2006

Black Snow hits Maui, Covers Kihei Town

Black Snow Covers Kihei Village, Maui Hawaii

Nasty Stuff

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Test Blog Entry storytelling my recent voyage with photos, video and audio snips

••••••••••• Tuesday, October 10, 2006 9:25:43 AM America/Los_Angeles •••••••••••

Before I left Maui on Aug 30 (to assist my mother, see friends and family and do the business at hand re: CREATIVITY.COM) I noticed all the new construction making it too costly for all but the rich to easily live on Maui.

Hawaiian's are being driven out of thier homelands by developers blocking the view of Paradise, using the unsightly power turbines on the side of the West Maui Mountains to boast of green power and creating an eyesore to match the telephone pole glut.

Of course there are better places for such out of context monstrosities as the turbines (I am sure they would be placed elsewhere if not for the perceived PR value - like down by the Birthing Pools in Haiku where its always windy).
••••••••••• Wednesday, October 11, 2006 7:34:38 AM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••

What an amazing morning it was today! I was up early to prepare to do a time lapse video of the unwrapping of my new-to-me Toyota I'd purchased and wrapped just before my voyage East to visit Mom and family, friends and business associates. The stars were out when I set up my two folding chairs at 4am to support the puter and camera to make my end of trip movie.

No more precarious positioning like my first attempt. I did some tests to determine the optimal exposure, time interval vs QT movie speed in frames per second. The let er rip while I methodically untied the knots and wrapped the wrapper back up.

It was think with dust and grime. When I had finished. I went up to get one of mom's plastic bags to transport the tarp to the sea for cleaning when an amazing thing happened.

A guy saundered up wearing a celebrate Marijuana Roots shirt. I was cautious as he approached with a hand out to shake mine. I maintained business of packing the trap as this raggy unshaven guy with a bloodshot eye, lit cigarette dangling from a toothy grin; beer bottle in hand, says' "I know who took your plants!" just like that. He goes on as I look up to fully take this gift of god in. You live up there he says pointing to my lanai. Some guys from up country he tells me. You know who they are I asked in disbelief. Yeah, says the smiling tipster continually offering a fist as a hand shake, expecting me to butt his fist with mine, which i eventually did, both because of his peacemaking gesture and because I recognized the messenger as god speaking. It became very obvious I was being watched when he tells me his sister or someone lives over there point to the first floor directly across from me.

Wow! I told him to let me know when they are around if he sees me so I can tell them I am in pain all the time and they stole my medicine~! I also told him to tell them to give the plants back. I am legally a user of medical marijuana. That their karma would be dealt with by a God. He liked when I said that. He told me he's a grower and has 800 lbs. of marijuana. He seemed a bit mexican or of some foreign decent. I didn't pay him full mind, not getting bent out of shape with hearing his information, but certainly taking note and his photograph when he left the property. I had gone out on my lanai with camera in hand for such a moment. It was only a moment I had to wait to chip the informant.

I rushed out with camera thinking I'd see him disappear. I wasn't quick enough. He'd vanished. Then I went to check out my old Mazda. It too had disappeared!

Coming home yesterday, I'd thought it was missing from being first in the que. Sure enough, there were scrape marks from the back wheel catching a stone that left marks as the vehicle was dragged up onto a transport. A mud track left by the front tire and the mud it had picked up - had no tread mark. Therefore the theft happened about two - three days ago as the tire left a clear, unweathered tread-mark on the concrete; stopping when the wheels left the ground, coinciding with the drag marks from the other tire. (I just found out the vehicle was towed and I need to pay the county $119 and $5 a day from this point on until I pick it up).

I was listening to a song on my iPod all about letting go and letting god. And so be it. That was preceeded whilst I was making my morning movie of the unveiling and kick off of a new cycle on Maui. A cycle that can also be reversed to show the car being re-dressed for my departure!~

Now i am transcribing the audio from the voice recorder of mom and my trip

then to make a to do list to include biz card entry from trip contacts, proposal to LES HAMASAKI, Responding to key players met in cyberspace.... Janet, Iona and Angela Lehualana from seattle.

••••••••••• Wednesday, October 11, 2006 8:40:43 AM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••