Sunday, August 06, 2006

Richard N going away party with Heather

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Turtles Making love in public, a first! for me!

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Yesterday i got three hours sleep. I am spending longer and longer laying down with computer as my social life leaves a lot to be desired. I just can't seem to find futurists and technologists to chat with. The woman I'd met with a Mac at Coffee Roasters hasn't been in touch, so much for being kindred spirits with a female friend.

I just love learning things on the net and chatting with distant pals. The only person I've been hanging with here is Maury a mainland jew with a gold chain around his neck, doesn't meditate is a real estate broker and artist making glass fish he paints with acrylic. He likes to make love a lot with his companion. Good for him! I wish I could find someone.... someone who can at least understand this techno-shaman's world, who is creative and visionary.

Listen to my audio report:

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We went out snorkeling at turtle town yesterday as part of a fish count. I stumbled on a pod of Honu at their underwater cleaning station. One of the three was a large male, i'd say 4 foot shell... large! it had cancerous globs hanging all over it. Once eye was completely blinded and the other, well on its way to blindness. It was one of the worst cases of Fibropapilloma I've seen in my wonderful and peace filled underwater friends.

Maury and I see things a bit differently. He is constantly putting me down and picking on me for making references to how Creativity Cafe will help to heal our world and solve its problems. He just doesn't see what I see (nor to any of my Maui Friends) about how the new thought and new tech is changing our world and how to focus this new renaissance of creativity to the public good. I can't help but thinking about how our world needs changing and how technology and creative people are the ones changing it. Thats why a venue that caters to creatives would be the cat's meow, for many reasons..

So after the turtles get cleaned by the little fishes, they swim off for a feast on the stuff that probably causes them the cancer, unless its not run off from the agriculture but the boating industry? I lost Maury in the see (watching underwater life) and looked behind to see something floating in the water between us. What is that I yelled, Turtles fucking was the reply. Sure enough, I got closer and it was none other than that old horny Honu with all the cancer! Though he was sick, that didn't quell his libido. I was so happy to see that! It gives me hope.

I swam towards the pairing. They separated while I was still quite a ways away. I went right up to the floating on the surface male. It wasn't afraid. It recognized me for I had been swimming along with it earlier giving it raike from the surface. It hovered about 5 feet under me as we paddled along. So it seemed like an old friend after its mating. I wanted to give it some love and healing energy. It didn't seem to be in pain and it certainly didn't mind my close proximity so I reached out and just made contact with the shell. I channeled all my love and healing light into the creature and prayed I can do what he's been up to when I reach his age!