Thursday, June 01, 2006

SICU Synergy Solutions Group

SICU Synergy Solutions Group has invited me to join their networks. The energy is whipping around for me. I got wind that Stanford thinks my application to their digital vision program was not completely submitted and therefore has not considered my proposal and my work!

What a rude awakening! considering that my life is totally up in the air waiting for a YES or no? I called to discover what was wrong and they are looking at what might be done at this point?

My car died a month ago and I figured why buy a new one (replacement) when I am not even sure if I will be staying on Maui!? I feel its time to leave and this there are few if any friends left for me. Only one or two people ever call to get together and hang with me (Kachina for Music on Thursdays). It pains me that i can become so caustic as to chase people away. Its a good part of where my depression comes from.

The rest of it is thanks to being so talented that I an not at all sure how to move forward and in what direction. My attemps at polishing my music and photographic art are reduced to ashes when in reality, my play on the computer is more about escape than making progress. I find myself idlly surfing for info and curious innovations in health, art and science/medicine to deal with my considerable back issues.

It was a real blessing for Keith to lend me his vehicle for 2 weeks at no charge. What a guy! Then the day before I am to pick him up at the airport and return it, i overheard an acquantance at a party say he is going off island for a month, so I asked if i can borrow or rent his car. The next day (two days ago) I drove him to the airport, came home and took Crossroads, giving back and getting emergency wheels*** this photo *** of the three cars in my possession where as weeks ago, I had none (working).

Life goes on. I am so greatful for my Mom who is still here at 86. She is the only constant in my life and someone who will always answer my call and even call me sometimes.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Maui report

Maui report, originally uploaded by pedro pan. Check out the amazing synchronicities in the "Adventures of Shiloh Bones"

Check this out!