Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Its worth the wait - Smelling the Flowers (in 3D)

Its worth the wait - Smelling the Flowers (in 3D), originally uploaded by pedro pan. Check out the amazing synchronicities in the "Adventures of Shiloh Bones"

A friend told me how she made almost hundred dollars an hour for ten
minutes of her time.

There was a finance charge on her credit card of $13.82. It was the
first time she'd used the card. She had paid $500 of the $2K she'd run
up. A month passes and she sees the finance charge on her second bill.
Customer service (an inexperienced phone answerer) transfered her -
after the wait to get connected time, the on hold time, verification
and explanation time that the finance charge was above what she could
OK ($10) and they'd have to transfer my friend to the supervisor.
Another wait.

The supervisor asks for all the same information, and then, "How can I
help you?" I'd like the $13.82 finance charge removed. The account
exec say's "Sorry, we can't do that." Since you did not pay the full
amount on the first bill, you will have to pay the full amount on the
second bill before I can remove the finance charges. You will not get
another finance charge after that. My friend was not willing to accept
this explaination as the final result. "Oh, ok," she replied
dejectedly, to the account exec upon hearing the explanation. Is there
anything else I can do for you today?" says the CCard company. "Yes,"
replies my friend, "since I wasn't informed that was the case, could
you remove the $13.82 finance charge. "Yes," replies the company rep,
"you will see the change on your next invoice." Amazed, my friend hung
up in delight.

For ten minutes of hold and explanation time, and a bit of persistence,
you can often have charges removed from all sorts of bills, especially
credit card fees, bank fees, and phone company fees. Most people don't
challenge these things. Millions are being collected thanks to
oversights, timing of the mails, etc. that with a phone call, could
support your bottom line.