Monday, October 16, 2006

River of Mud-Flood Closes Main Maui Hwy Stranding Residents/Visitors

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Mokulele Highway on Maui Hawaii has just been closed in both directions, virtually leaving residents on the South side of the island stranded. Severe flooding has stopped traffic in at least one, if not both directions. A new highway is being built next to this solo escape route - now blocked to island residents and visitors alike. Traffic on Piikea Highway in North Kihei is backed up. No traffic is getting through to Kahului, the main town on Maui. The new highway expected to be completed in a year, is the principal cause of the blockage as erosion due to heavy and steady rain the day after the earth quaked caused rivers of mud to cascade down the embankment of the highway under construction. I managed to take these photos just before they closed the road to all traffic.

BTW, Yesterday's image was used by the Maui News on a cover story about Black Snow on Maui. Article online without image at Maui News web site.


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