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mom chat & video visit - I Helped Save the Life Of A Turtle Today

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Exterra Games Can Be Dangerous: Turtle Rescue!

Teamwork Saves A Turtle Masquerading as a Tightrope Walker
(original title: Exterra Games Can Be Dangerous: Turtle Rescue!)

Oct. 28, 2006 Maui - Today, a green sea turtle narrowly missed a date with death thanks to a team in a race against time! With the Exterra games a day away, swimmers were practicing everywhere - but where Maui resident Peter H. Rosen had discovered a tightrope walking turtle! The creature had hooked itself across the rope that attached a Exterra Buoy to its anchor. The Honu seemed to like the action of the waves making the rope taught, lifting the animal - and then settling it back down - about a foot off the bottom, where Rosen discovered it just "balancing" on the rope. Amazed at this discovery, Rosen jiggled the rope to signal the turtle and get it to move on (as it looked like it might get entangled). It didn't. It stayed balanced. This Circus Turtle won first prize - a first in the annals of turtle sightings on Maui! Never had there been a report of a tightrope walking Honu (the Hawaiian name for these ancient creatures). But this one got itself in trouble.

Curious, Rosen made the rope taught to see how good the turtles balance was. The creature some 25 feet down in murky water lost its balance. Undaunted, the creature immediately swam round and "got right back on the wire!" Only this time it had hooked its' front flipper over the rope and then did a turning maneuver. Big Mistake. It was in trouble and Rosen knew it (unbeknownst to the turtle)! While waiting to see if it would make more turns to free itself, he alerted his friends. The poor creature had inadvertently made a knot around its flipper and was unable to untie it.

Rosen watched in horror knowing the turtle would soon need to come up for air and would not be able to free itself. "It seemed like it was trying to insure it wouldn't be knocked off again," said Rosen, a turtle aficionado who has written a short story about his adventure, riding the back of a spinning turtle that scooped him up!

His friends were calling from some distance away to go see a "turtle cleaning station" but Rosen was too concerned with his beloved and very trapped sea friend. He dove down and was able to reach the turtle. But the pressure in his ears made the pain intolerable and he had to surface. He tried to free the animal, tolerating the pain. It was no use. The slack-less rope was too tightly wound around the turtles' flipper which Rosen was unable to move far enough to free it. The creature seemed to know it was ok for the human to be helping and didn't resist. Rosen burst back up to the surface gasping for air, and yelled for his friends to come help. Devaka, a local Maui healer, rushed over and was able to dive down and release the animal teaming with Rosen who made sure the rope stayed loose. Believe it or not, that turtle headed right back for the rope for a third round! (cirque de soleil take note). It took one of the swimmers training for Exterra, to borrow some fins and dive down to push the circus turtle away from its balancing act! So, even though the official games had yet not begun, teamwork won out in the end!

Here is where I posted the original story thinking it would add some human interest to the day of the jock stories.

Blessings and Peace!


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