Saturday, September 10, 2005

Myths and other Little Devils of Cyberspace

Hey Bob,

Your cool story:

On Sep 9, 2005, at 3:00 PM, Robert B. Gelman wrote:


Reminds me of a tale I'd like to tell... 1997, that was the year I was so down I was ready to die.

I threw a birthday party for myself on Maui (no one else would), and then went to LA (on my way to Europe). I threw a Bday party for myself there too (no one else would) to see and be with my most cherished friends. I told them of my struggles, loneliness, fear and finally feeling of being unloved (unlovable). Jill came up, threw her arms around me, hugged me and told me she loved me, showering me with kisses, David upon hearing my tale of woe and poverty reached into his pocked and began filling my cup with coin. Unable to carry out my darkest plot of self emulation (not really but I was influenced by Gelmans' story). My position instantly changed by being surrounded in love and friendship. These folks sent me off to the Austrian night, four days later. I boarded a plane for Graz. I had been discovered on the web thanks to Creativity Cafe's site and was invited to present my world-view and projects at a conference held at the WIFI Interactive Communications Center, thanks to the director who'd picked up on me while visiting SF (where I'd set up an office to manifest CCafe). The conference was called Myths and other Little Devils of Cyberspace. I spoke for an hour about the positive aspects of what is happening in cyberspace and then taught a DIGITAL STORYTELLING workshop in a castle outfitted with the latest computer and video gear. The year was 1997. I had just turned 50, had had a transfusion (for a health issue I'd rather not discuss) and was released from the hospital in time for my voyage (with Ed Elkin). Its only 8 years later now, but boy has life changed. I am still on those edges of sanity, but the memory of my LA friends and their kindness to me is a lodestar in my continuing night and fight for discovery of why I have been given so many great gifts of heart, art and visions for a better world.

Here's to you hat pal, for your light that helps keep the dark corners of my world at bay. What did YOU DO dear reader in 1997 (this is being posted to my blog: The Adventures of Shiloh Bones;

You Pod Pal!

Shiloh Near Death, Saved by Friends and Cyberspace

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cellphone uploading

Cellphone uploading
Cellphone uploading,
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Test - nebulous creativity exploding from my soul!

Voyage to FLA.

Testing trip phone blogger

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