Saturday, September 03, 2005

Testing My Email Blog Post system

I am available for long distance work!

I am wondering if I can send a photo and have it appear?


The answer was no! But I put one up using the Blogger interface by editing this post.

Actually, it did work, except that the image was too big for this layout. Here it is smaller:
Can you make my nose bigger?

Its how I look now!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Subscribe to my Video Blog Feed @


I am beginning to publish my videos, video art, and vodcasts describing the state of the art in artists using technology for humanity. This will include the ramifications of the latest technology on all of us, and in particular those who view themselves as creative.

Please click on the link above and copy the URL to put into your copy of iTunes! To subscribe, you need at least version 4.9 of iTunes for Windows or Mac. Click on Podcasts, then in the top ADVANCED menu, select SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST and put this in:

and away you go... in the world of creativity and global community collaborations and innovation targeting those on the cutting edge of spirituality, ecology, technology and creativity.

Enjoy this first clip of my very special brand of video feedback!