Thursday, March 17, 2005

enter the goddess - Saleena and healing Spirit

••••••••••• Monday, March 14, 2005 11:42 ••••••••••••••

what an amazing time today was. Packed with friends and healing, love, compassion and potential partners and forward momentum.

Saleena appeared in tears two nights ago after calling to say she was stranded with no place to go. I allowed her to stay in the back room. In the morning she recounted her tail. I was feeling like i can help her for a night or two but if she doesn't have money to pay rent, and if she is going to be a drama queen, then I think I will pass on having her around.

All that changed today expectedally after she interacted with John Kimmey. She and I got to know each other before he arrived for his 10 am follow up with the kidcast sponsor sale he is in the third day of. He didn't get much done today as i introduced him to Saleena. She and he had some major psychic interactions and he was able to lose about 10 years. She and he working in the living room where I was fixed at the computer.

She was taking him into trance and she was in trance. I was delighted that I had two frriends who are psychic, spiritual and evolved humans who both were drawn to my orb and visa versa. It was a great blessing i discovered after hearing her recount her connection with the spychiic children. She wsas part of the indego kids tribe and knows james twyman. She has all sorts of kid connections and is willing to work with me on the kcfp project in appropriate ways.

Meanwhile I emailed Michael that unless I can come up with some money to offset my situation, I ws goning to be focusing on the lori grace party if that should come to pass?

Daniela dalled and showed up to join us at the healing night at Sp[irits.l Ed Elking was on his way for our 4pm graphix session, and Pi called and came over for PI DAY, 3.14 (2005).

at the healing, we call took our own cars wanting autonomy and winding up leaving together. I was wanting healing and called in a woman named Deva, who when I turned to hug her at the door coming in, had given a half hug... but when I asked for healing and was open to anyone, she was the one who offered. I was making foot contact with S.         

••••••••••• Wednesday, March 16, 2005 11:39:31 AM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••

flyer for ed printed, swam with him and in the water for the first itme since i tripped over the rock and bruised my leg:

••••••••••• Thursday, March 17, 2005 1:01:03 AM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••