Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Larry Becker Remembered

Larry Becker Remembered, originally uploaded by pedro pan. Check out the amazing synchronicities in the "Adventures of Shiloh Bones"

He drove off the road I heard during my journey. It must have been his time to get higher. I took this photograph during my presentation last May (2005) at Lori Grace's place in Marin. She had sponsored my trip to share who I am and to entertain Lori's board. You can feel the love and support emanating from Larry's soul. I love this photo of him. I didn't know him well. But his look says a lot about his openheartedness. As I was presenting, in front of a critical audience, his loving continence was what reminded me that I am amongst friends who want the best for me. Probably everyone else in the room did too, but as I was trying to share my world, point of view and life's work, others just wanted to have a good time. It became obvious they weren't interested in the history of my projects and milestones along the path to Creativity Cafe. I will miss this dear brother.


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