Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Alana Gilmore Remembered

Alana Gilmore Remembered, originally uploaded by pedro pan. Check out the amazing synchronicities in the "Adventures of Shiloh Bones"

Alana succumbed to cancer while I was away. In fact in was Nov 19th,
exactly two months from when this photo was captured. The day of my Nephew's Bar Mitzvah and the first morning frost of the back East winter season. It was just before leaving for my two months of travel, that I recorded this image of her at Bonnie's B'Day bash on the beach. Little did I know it would be the last time we'd be physically together.

I remember last summer she came over for my Thursday night sing and jam. She loved sing with me and the gang. She got to my place early. Just the two of us were vocalizing to my two chord on the Keyboard improv. Our voices soared and swirled in harmony and intensity, shifting in response to the rich textures of my chords; lifting us higher and higher into exalted spaces - I have never before tasted or heard. The sound of our souls, united in mutual understanding of beings trapped in a pain challenged body. We liberated the most cherished of connections with spirit sailing high in song. We were transported by the melody and harmonies that weaved between us; cementing that moment as one of the most high I have ever experienced in all my music making, ever!


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