Saturday, November 12, 2005

Jeff and I explore Hudson River Waterfall

We had a great time on 11/11 at the Lamont Oceanagraphic Institue. I used to date a gal named Debbie Estep who was kind to me and turned me onto this guy who worked at the Institute. he slept in the forest in a tent and invited me to join him which I did.

Wow, in the morning, he offered me mushrooms and an adventure on the trail to the bank of the Hudson River where a surprise awaited me. I was surprised enough by the fresh fallen snow that blanked everything overnight.

Surprisingly it wasn't cold. We walked and walked until he said "see it?" It was a water fall and then some some. A greek olive garden with benches, tresles for grapes and gothic columes. They are no longer there. That was 1968 thru 72.


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