Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ramblin in NY: A Date with Destiny!!!

Ramblin in NY: Annie's Song
Ramblin in NY: Annie's Song,
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On the next floor, I went through the aisles and discovered a womanbending over a booth table. Her petite and lovely butt was covered ina skirt with revealing mesh that totally caught my eye. I overheardHemrhoroid operation and spoke up, in passing, "I had the operation -its no fun." The woman looked up. It was who I thought it was when shepassed me as I tried to register as press. Annie Siegal from LA. She'sbeen in NY for 10 years and was totally excited to see me as I her,though she couldn't remember who I was.I reminded her we slept together (and added but we didn't have sex).All around us were amused. I asked pretty quickly if she had room toput me up for the night and she agreed. We left basking in theblessings of running into someone who was a part of life 20 years ago.We immediately bailed from the expo and went back to her Long IslandCity home, delighting in the miracle of our reunion.I got to sleep in her bed, sadly, there was no cuddling. Her dog whichshe doted on - as if to taunt a man. She coo'd and lavished love uponher dog that all her heat. Some things never change, that's the way itwas back then as I recall. I was no competition for her dog and soonlost interest. I revealed to her I've been close to suicide on severaloccasions. I told the story of how Daniela saved me by making thebiography video about me and my work.It was really nice of Annie. she treated me for dinner, and in exchangefor lodgings, I agreed to help with her web site. She said it would beok to stay a few days with her and housemate PETE who had a visitor,Piki stay over.
This is Annie whom I used to date. We haven't seen or heard from eachother in twenty years. It is this kind of adventure (I will describebelow) that make my life remarkable and worthwhile (as well as a wholelot of other reasons like giving my gifts).I left NJ by driving myself in mom's car (after chauffeuring her aroundto do errands like dropping off some of her stuff at Salvation Army andRed Cross) to the . I was speaking with Amara who mentioned the WholeLife Expo clone, New Life Expo in NYC. I'd been before many yearsback.I decided on the spot, even though I didn't know where I would sleep(as Bobby's Cancer has her too challenged to put me up). I know Samaraand David are "up the block" and could probably put me up but I haven'tcalled them yet. I will wait to see what happens at the Expo.Within 10 minutes of discovering that I couldn't get into the expo andget a press pass (they said I'd have had to fax in advance), I decidedto check things out to decide if I wanted to pay the $15 admission.Within moments, I met the first of two old friends and wound upsleeping with one of them.I simply walked into the expo exhibits as the New Yorker is a publichotel. They had expo security that were preoccupied mostly and notcounting the sheep looking for badges. I simply walked in like Ibelonged. Actually I had little interest in the expo itself (that isthe speakers). I was there to meet people. And meet people I did!In the aisles I heard someone mention needing to find a place to stayin Hawaii. I said I have a place I rent out. She looked up and gave meher card to be in touch and I saw here name written and exclaimed, PIA- reading her card and speaking her name to help with bonding with thispetite stranger!


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