Saturday, July 09, 2005

Waiting for the Muse

••••••••••• Saturday, July 9, 2005 9:56:57 PM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••

I find that I can't do much of anything these days... except masturbating with the computer (meaning wasting time, looking up stuff and learning from the datasphere, rather than from commingling with myself <LOL> or other humans).

I did make some money today for a change, from a cute woman I am attracted to who is also a massage therapist. She actually gave me an open mouthed kiss, which might have been a hunger for more, since she openly advised she is having a house guest, a man from her past with whom she would like to break the bond left by a lover who emotionally possess her still.

Speaking of needing a Muse, I saw my friend Susanna was online and we chatted for a bit. I want to post images on my blog so I will be trying this out:

Yafro Moblog

Did you see this cool flash interface for selection images on my YAFRO web site? I am also testing emailing my blog entry and images from my FLICKr photo site (see pot pot above - ref added 08/30/05).

I woke Mom up from a sound sleep. I didn't think she would hear that I had sent a photo of her (on my computer screen that she'd sent from her phone, a first!) to her phone and her email, still trying to get her to understand and use the technology. It is six hours difference in our time zones. I won't do that again.

------------------------------- xxxx---------------------------------

All in all, life is good. Mom and Dad are still around even if I'm 6000 miles away. That's a statement right there about how close I am to my family. I had a couple of house guests: Rob and Allie. It was great to have company and another inkling of what its like to have good an understanding father (unlike mine). Here they are at LA PAROUSE. Cross your eyes and create a third image between these two, if you are lucky you will see this as a stereo (3D) image:

Yafro Moblog


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