Saturday, July 23, 2005

Off to Little Beach for Sunday's Naked Jam Session

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I stayed in most of Sunday until it was time to go to Little Beach. I brought my video camera and still film camera to hopefully do some spirit body photos with fireworks. I got some cools images of a bubble blower making huge orbs. Here is one:

Error text.

I wonder if it will resolve once I upload it to the server? Here is a still from the same day to see if that works:
maui sunset
I have been so stuck on learning about new stuff thank to the web that real physical life pales by comparison. I fear that I am going off the deep end when it comes to human relations... I don't have very good relations with anyone on a regular basis. I am too addicted to creating with the computer.

I love helping people use their computers, I think I make a special promotion for the making of a web site with images from their camera.


Perhaps I'm a crazy person? I am certainly not normal. I am not driven by my sex drive to seek out and fu'k women when ever possible. I am not prone to participate in (and in fact am turned off by) men's normal sexist conquest based conversation, sparked by every passing beauty. That has served to distance me from quite a few men friends.

I have managed to desensitize myself (for better or worse) to the come on of woman's physicality and allure via style. In other words, scantily clad women on the streets of a hot new york summer will turn every mans head within 50 feet. There was so much distraction growing up there, that it actually helped me to look within... as did the break up of my parents and early days of Culturalization in a world on the verge of tremendous change thanks to technology and greed, lust, envy and the rest of what has led us away from being in tune with NATURE.

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