Monday, November 08, 2004

The Adventures of Shiloh Bones

We begin in a world at war... will it ever end? When his parents split up, Shiloh went inside and took solace in his talents and gifts. They are many. His life is dedicated to taking the risks needed to become his true authentic self; whatever that is. Shiloh's passion for music and all that brings peace consumes his every waking moment. Many moments however are shattered in agonizing pain... for he never quite healed from the divorce of his parents and the split of his soul. His compassionate understanding of the changes humankind now must navigate through drives him. Bones has pledged his life to bring all his talents and gifts to the aid of those less fortunate that himself; those incarcerated by their dogma and ego, driven by power, sex and the rush of conquest. Stay tuned for the real life adventures of Shiloh Bones; a dancer of the edge of these most dynamic times... Creative force is his allie, intuitive knowing; his guidestar, hunger for peace his unquenchable thirst as his body threatens his very sanity.

We switch to Maui after two months of travel to the mainland... From LA to Santa Cruz, San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm beach, Baltimore and New Jersey, with the grand finally in New York City that may have cost him a dear friendship. But the trip opened many doors, birth this journal and added stepping stones to an unpredictable future dancing on the edge of time.