Monday, December 27, 2004

Turning Adversity into Silver Linings

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Stop: Dec 29, 2004


How do you turn a dark cloud inside out to reveal a silver lining? Just ask Peter Rosen, who is turning the aggravation of a $70 seat belt fine into a community service opportunity benefiting Maui’s youth.
Rosen was recently cited for a seat belt infraction while driving home, oddly enough, from traffic court where he had appeared for a previous seat belt infraction. The second citation occurred when he attempted to take some medication while at a stoplight. Just as the light turned green he realized his water bottle had rolled beneath his seat. In attempting to retrieve the bottle he unbuckled his belt. A moment later the light turned green and traffic was beginning to move. Unfortunately for Rosen, a police officer observed him putting his seat belt back on and issued a citation. Neither the cop nor the judge cared that he was taking advantage of the stoplight to take medication. However, this is where the silver lining comes in: Rosen found a way to turn his double trouble into a gift to the children of Maui.
Since community service is an alternative way to pay for ones “crimes,” Rosen arranged to offer his knowledge and teaching skills in a 2- day free, DIGITAL STORYTELLING PLAYSHOP on December 29th and 30 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Kihei Youth Center in North Kihei. Any young person who understands, or would like to understand, the art of storytelling with computers to make a personal film, is invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity. The 8-hour Playshop will provide an overview of the tools and techniques for taking family photos and creative ideas to the next level, both on CD, DVD and/or on the special web spots that offer young people free web hosting for their multimedia stories.
Rosen, an internationally noted teacher of DIGITAL STORYTELLING and founder of Maui nonprofit, Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media), has been helping young people produce and experience POSITIVE MEDIA. He has produced over 11 Artists Showcase and Networking events on Maui that offer creative people a “living gallery” opportunity to tell their stories and share their art. His award winning “KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World” project has connected Maui’s youth with kids of other lands; in a series of live video conferences on the Internet; - designed to connect kids in school classrooms (and kids at home), to allow them to learn about other cultures and be appreciated for sharing their art and their heart!
Students should bring family photos, music on CD and a brief, one-page story that can be illustrated with images found on the Internet. They will also be able to record a narration that will form the foundation of their digital story. Although stories can be about anything, Rosen suggests they consider ideas for making the world a happier, healthier, more peace-filled place to live. Rosen is sure that by the time he has completed his mandatory community service, his students will have learned how to create video stories on their own.
Though pre-registration is not necessary, it is helpful to check in first by calling Rosen’s office at 875-4747. The Kihei Youth Center can also be reached at 879-8698.
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