Monday, December 27, 2004

Changes for the New Year

The Adventures of Shiloh Bones

How to have a good time? Well, its not producing a show only to have 10 people show up for a total donation of $20. Everyone was served, and i suppose I could say that for me as well, but I'll be hog tied if I can figure out how?

And, the hoops of personality I had to jump through with the Unity events rep to get the over pirced venue!! What was i thinking? Well, lets just say, I will never book that space again. It was wonderful when the spirit of aloha prevailed at Unity. Now they need to extract blood from Rocks. Mainstream control and high prices fueled by untrust are the order of the day...eliminating another affordable venue where gifts to the community could be offered at affordable rates. no thanks!

If we are to do another V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; The Maui Artists Showcase and Networking Event, it wil be at akaku.

Merry Happy Holidaze.... not feeling the magic of the moment in the money season of manufactured christmas.

I am recovering from producing the showcase after a month of effort for what, I ask myself? I am reflecting on Maui not being LA, where the event served a hungry public.

Here people are fed by nature, not so much the desire to make new friends or showcase their talent. Its a different dynamic and I am 20 years different too!

It was nice to fit a jam session in with Maria and Joshua who came over... as Thursday Night is Music Night at Shiloh's.


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